So, here are just random quotes that I came up with. Some of them make no sense out of context, and to be honest I forgot the context in half of them. Enjoy–or just be confused!

“No knowledge is gained in agreement.”

“Debate is the key to learning.”

“Pain is used to fuel strength, and strength is used to get rid of pain.”

“Nobody has a perfect mate, God is single.”
9/10/14 Edit: “Nobody has a perfect mate, God is single (and so am I).”

“A woman becomes well-known by good looks. A man just needs stupidity.”

“An ordinary human chooses a mate completely by the good qualities in the mate. The smarter people care more about the bad qualities they don’t have.”
3/12/14 Edit: “An ordinary human chooses a mate completely by the good qualities they have. Smarter people care more about the bad qualities that their mate lacks.”

“When you are alone, and nobody’s with you, remember that you can always talk with the only person you truly trust. Yourself.”

“A man does not try to find the perfect woman, yet the woman who is perfect for him.”

“Assumptions are made to be Assumed.”

“The dictionary tells you the definition, not the meaning.”

“Memories forgotten are memories not received.”

“Do not reply without anything to say.”

“Truth be told, but never answers.”

“The best way to learn is to teach.”

“Implications are made to be Assumed–don’t fall for it!”

Riddle: “Tell your friend your life’s problems, listen what they have to say,
yet when you open your eyes and see them in front of you–
they act as though it’s a normal day.”

“Do not feel like a good person. Be a good person.”

“I prefer to swim when I’m swimming, play when I’m playing, learn when I’m learning, and do social interaction in my free time.”

“If you don’t know, then how can you plan?”

“Only I know who I am.”

“Choose to choose your own decisions.”

“Not everything is black and white.”

“Make sure you always trust yourself.”

“I prefer editing my own profile.”

“I know when I am Me.”

“I remember when I used to have bad memory. Nevermind–I forgot.”

“Don’t put your hopes up. The higher up they are, the more space they have to fall to.”

“Knowledge is how much you know. A person who is full of Knowledge, knows a lot. A person who is Smart, understands how to use and access what he Knows. A person who is Intelligent has a lot of Knowledge, and knows how to access and use it efficiently. A person who is full of Wisdom, Analyzes every Decision he makes, Intelligently Using and Accessing his Knowledge.”

“Give Up if you must, but never Give In.”

“The best thing to do with enemies, is to have fun with them.”

“If you have only one right leg, then all legs left are wrong.”

“Don’t ask difficult questions.”

“Finding meaning where meaning is not present is simply expanding the imaginary world of which you live in.”

9/10/14: “You are the most important person in the world.”
7/14/16 Corollary: “You are the most important person in the world, just like everybody else.” –Lucy Huang

9/10/14: “Everyone is as deep as your best, deepest friend.”

9/16/14: “One always knows what about they’re thinking, but rarely do what they are thinking about.”

10/1/14 “I look up to people not because they believe in what I believe in, rather because they believe in what I want to believe in.”

2/9/15 “People do what they want.”

2/9/15 “Who are you if not yourself?”

2/26/15 “Congratulations before the job is done reduces the chance the job will be completed.”

10/18/21 “Anyone worth knowing is wild.”

Edit: replace some commas with em-dashes