Heya there!

My name is Ofek Gila, and I’m a high school student living in California’s Bay Area. After taking my school’s Java course, I fell in love with computer programming, and indulged myself in the subject.

I’ve coded many programs in Java, including Old Snakey, a Maze Generator, Gobblet, Pentago, and even Atari Tanks! You can view all of my greatest projects in my Github Organization.

Recently I switched from Java to Javascript, so that my projects could be viewed by anyone on any device (although most of my projects are still funky on mobile devices). I also started becoming interested in Computer AIs for zero-sum games, such as minimax and Monte Carlo methods.

All my knowledge in Artificial Intellegence is self taught, I don’t claim to be an expert, although my current AI’s for games are generally very powerful, especially my Connect Four any my Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe programs that use a Monte-Carlo tree search.

Be sure to check out my website!

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